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Containerization technology is increasingly gaining attraction in different IT organization as they are transforming their IT infrastructure. This site is trying to give the visitors a better understanding of the docker via the story of e-commerce company moving their existing monolithic application to a micro-service application using Docker. If you see , it means the topic is likely be tested in the Docker Certified Associate exam.


WonderShirt Inc is a successful e-commerce site particular on the authenticate swag from professionals. As their business grows, the current monolithic application increasingly can't keep up with the growing market. The staff is continually trying to keep the system going, and more and more product enhancements are push out because of the lack of resources.

The architects and executive of the company realize it is time to adopt the microservice architecture using the container for their solution. So they set up an elite team of engineers to kick off the project of the new wondershirt application using Docker containers. The team's objective is how to bring the docker to their organization from three different perspectives, Development, Delivery and Operation. Since they already have established infrastructure for their production, the team will need to leverage existing resources as well.


  • Robert - DevOps Engineer
  • Jones - Software Engineer
  • Leo - Security Engineer